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An INVOICE will be sent from the email address exec@nchalb.org once processed. Invoices are processed within two business days (and more quickly on a deadline day). Please add exec@nchalb.org to your list of safe emails, otherwise, due to the nature of the invoice email, it may end up in a junk folder.


All electronic payments are processed through the Online Payment Processor. The Board office does not see or store any personal banking information.


Licensee is making the electronic payment
The business will be paying the electronic invoice directly
I am paying but I need a receipt for reimbursement purposes.
I am submitting this form on behalf of another applicant. (List applicant's name at top of form and your name in next question below).
Don't know/none of the above
F1 Application for Apprentice Registration ($100)
F4 Application for License ($250)
F4 Exam Registration Fee ($300)
F8 Registered Sponsor Application ($150)
F9 Renewal of Apprenticeship Certificate ($150)
F9 Replace Invalid Apprentice Certificate ($100)
F13 Application for License Renewal ($250)
F22 CE Program Provider Application ($40)
F23 CEU Self-Study Report ($15)
F24 CEU Report of Attendance ($15)
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